Hello and what

Starting this blog to document my Python and programming study & working-through etc. I studied cognitive science, linguistics, and literature in school, along with a little bit of computer science. Literature won out in one sense (Ph.D.), but in terms of a day-to-day professional life, Python programming (mostly backend) has been it.

Realizing the blog's name shouts out to Think Python (which I really appreciate as a free resource that reflects care and the author's considered point of view) and to Strange Loop (which I hope to attend someday). That wasn't intentional, but it does point to reach.

I also hear "pink" and "koop!" (Dutch for "Tickets!") in it...

Speaking of influences, in terms of books, David Beazley's The Python Essential Reference is the one that really captures the heart of the language for me, but it was written when Python2 was still the standard. While a 5th edition was once planned, it will not be completed. A different book is apprently in the works, and while the wait continues, it may be the time to finally checkout the Python Cookbook (now however almost 8 years old).

In terms of working through and refreshing what I thought I knew (and often didn't) recently, it's Brett Slatkin's Effective Python. I just got the second edition, and will be working through that. It's not clear to me how much I can post of what I do re: that. I guess we'll see.

The other big thing for me (as for so many others) remains Stack Overflow. I'll do a post sometime of people whose answers I've read repeatedly.

So I'll be writing about things for my own understanding: small concepts and patterns, algorithm implementations, etc. I also imagine there will be bits of other languages. I hope some of it is useful. Anyway let's see - looking forward.

Influences and resources